Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, December 1, 2014

The "Church is true and it can bless your life in ways that are unimaginable!"

Hello everybody!

Sounds like the fam had a great thanksgiving!
The "fam" in Utah for Thanksgiving

Ours was pretty good. Woke up, did the routine, cleaned the Franzen's house, walked over to the Anderson family and feed their kitten because they are on vacation, went to our ward mission leader's house and played some ping pong, then went over to the Conners and played some games and stuffed our faces. Man, I got way full....to the point where I felt pretty sick. My diet has changed a lot since I've been on the mish so eating a lot of different food, especially junk food, in a condensed period of time was not good. But I survived and it was a good day. And it was Sis McLauglin's 20th b-day so we had a party. Had a candle on the pie she blew out. I gave her an elephant necklace because elephants are her favorite animals and I had an elephant necklace because I bought one at a yard sale in Gladstone a few months ago. And I decorated our room with balloons and streamers and the Franzen's feed us waffles for breakfast.

Friday we went to the temple with our Muslin investigator! All the stars aligned just right and we were able to find a ride for him and us! It was awesome! I think he had a good time. The visitor center had an Arabic Book of Mormon that he liked. He really liked the display of where all the temples are on the earth. AND THE BEST PART OF ALL is that he told us he is praying to know if there is a prophet on the earth! YAY! That's the first time he has prayed to know since i have known him. He said he hasn't gotten an answer and he will probably take some time but he feel like his life is getting better. WHOA! That is awesome. The temple has an atrium inside the lobby area where nonmembers can go in and we took him there and he said it was very peaceful. When we told him that sometimes people come in here to pray he said he should have brought his prayer rug so he could have prayed.

About a week and a half ago we contacted this lady in this trailer park in that was just sitting on her porch. We were walking by and just started chatting with her in the pouring rain. She was real nice and friendly and eventually she figured out we were Mormon Missionaries. She said she knew what we were all about and would never give up her coffee and convert but she said we could come over anytime and use her bathroom or get warm or whatever. Well sure, we will definitely take you up on that! So we went by yesterday and knocked on her door and she let us right in! We chatted for a little bit and she made us hot chocolate and we asked if we could share the new video "He is the Gift" and she agreed. She really liked it and we were able to throw in some Plan of Salvation and Atonement without her probably knowing it. Like I said before, it's all about approach. She said we could come back next week :)
You can also see the video "He is the Gift" by clicking here

Speaking of He is the Gift, we got some  great looking pass-a-long cards for it. The church is doing this big push for that video. We were asked to track on how often we show the video, to whom, how many cards we pass out, etc. The church has bought an ad on the front page on youtube and an ad on Time Square for it too. Cool eh? Have you seen it yet? It's pretty good and short too.

We were able to see a less active lady that apparently nobody gets in and sees but when we called her, she answered the phone (it seems like a lot of people screen our calls....) and said we could come by the next day. Wow! So we came by and she is like in her 80s maybe and has pretty bad Parkinson's. She had a lot of questions like why is she still living? Her husband has died, some of her kids have died, she feels like she just exists. That was pretty heartbreaking to hear. She also had a lot of questions of why bad things happen to good people. We could answer that question a lot better! We explained that God has given us each a gift called agency and Satan wants us not to have agency. God won't stop people from using their agency because that is going against His own gift and Satan is doing all he can to take it away! She said she understood that. The best part was that we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation.

We are trying to see a less-active/recent convert more regularly. She was baptized probably about a year ago or so but hasn't been to church much since because she has to work on Sundays. A few weeks ago she said there is some things that she doesn't agree on like, how we don't drink coffee. She believes there are a lot more worse sins that she can commit than drink coffee. And you know what, she is absolutely right. But I feel like that is not the point. The point is it is a matter of obedience and faith. Faith that there is a significant reason for this commandment and we are going to be blessed for following it and being obedient to show that God can trust us. Her opinion was still unwavered when we left and she didn't have a real desire to live the Word of Wisdom when we left so who knows what will become of that lesson. What she needs is more spiritual nourishment. When you don't go to church you have to created your own spiritual bubble, it's really hard! I know it from experience!

We had a good experience with another less-active. Usually she is soooooooooo flakey and is really hard to get a hold of and won't ever let you in on drop by, but this time we dropped by and she opened the door and said, "Come on in girls!" Oh, okay! Yeah sure! Thank you! We had a good visit and was able to share with her "The Spirit of Thanksgiving" since was Thanksgiving Eve. She reeeeeeeeeeeaaallly liked it. She said she is having family over for Thanksgiving and asked for us just to pop on by so her daughter could meet us. Her daughter who is not a member had some negative feelings about the church in the past but she thought if she sees us and how normal we are that might change. So we stopped by again the day after Thanksgiving and we were able to talk to both of them and the daughter was really pleasant and nice towards us. Then she said to us, "Hey, why don't you show my daughter what you showed me the other day on your tablet!”  She told her daughter that she would really like the video on what people are thankful for!  So we did and we were also able to show her the Daily Bread video because before we were talking about how important daily scripture study and prayer is. Her daughter is a real strong Christian. We were able to give them a Share the Gift pass along card and it was just a good experience!
You can also view the video by clicking here.  

Well folks, I'm gunna go. Sorry no pics cuz I forgot my camera at home and I am at the library.

I love you and I'm glad everybody was safe during the holidays.

Church is true and it can bless your life in ways that are unimaginable! I have seen it.

Sister Magnusson

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