Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, January 19, 2015

Only two really good pictures....

Sorry, these are the only two pics we took for the week.  
Good thing they are some really good ones...

Hi ya family!

Man, this week has been long. Next week is transfers. I'm sad that Sister Larsen is leaving (She is finishing her mission) and I'll be getting a new comp but that's how it goes. Maybe I'll leave too and the 5 Oaks Ward will get a white wash.  But who knows. I'll find out Saturday.

We had a miracle happen the other day when a 20 year old nonmember called up Bishop and tells him she wants to go to BYUI and needs an ecclesiastical endorsement. She was introduced to the church by a friend and has already studied lds.org, chatted with online missionaries, listened to conference talks, and started reading the Book of Mormon She walked in the temple visitor center on her own because the online missionaries suggested she do that. She liked want she saw and wanted to surround herself with LDS people so decided to apply to an lds school. We started teaching her and she is golden! I have never had an investigator just fall into my lap like that! Everyone that I have taught I felt like I put in my blood, sweat, and tears to find and teach them. We committed her to baptism and she accepted but we told her to pick a date after she has talked with her parents because her parents still don't know she is investigating. The first time we met after she met with bishop was at the visitor center where bishop arranged us to all watch Meet the Mormons in the theater. At the end of the movie the sister missionaries there suggested we kneel and say a prayer and asked if she would say it. She said the prayer and it was one of the sweetest, most sincere prayers I have ever heard. She was crying and the spirit was so strong. She prayed to know truth and she said she wanted to join this people and man, it was just powerful. A few days later we taught her about the Restoration at bishop's home and it was pretty good. She told us she is up to 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and she said she knows it is true because she feels warm and peaceful when she reads it. Wow, I'm telling ya I have never taught someone so prepared and ready to accept the gospel as she is. Maybe in other missions but in the Oregon Portland Mission it is more rare than common. We teach her again tonight the Plan of Salvation. I love the Plan of Salvation.

Speaking of the Plan of Salvation we taught the active family again last week that wants to prepare themselves to re-enter the temple. I really like teaching them because the wife really doesn't have a strong knowledge of the gospel but her desire is one of the strongest I have seen. She is keeping her commitments and she is getting answers for herself! Wow, what do you know...funny how that works, eh? Like her last question when we left their lesson a couple weeks ago was something along the lines of "What exactly is the Atonement?" Oh buddy, we will have to save that one for next time we come by. But then the next lesson she was like, "Hey, I received an answer to my question about the Atonement in something I read in a manual." Yay!

There is this recent convert that got baptized like 4 months ago. Probably mid 30s, single guy. He is doing his student teaching for teaching elementary school, used to be in the army. Anyway, he is doing awesome. We started to do a Book of Mormon study with him cuz he has always had trouble keeping his scripture reading commitments, and I don't blame him. If you aren’t really use to the language of the scriptures it can be hard to pick things out. Anyway, the members have been awesome in letting us do them at their home and we showed him how to use the institute student manual which should help.

K, sorry this is a shorter email. Got lots to do today. We had to help out at a funeral so that took a big chuck of our time.  I love you all. Next week I'll write on Tuesday.


Sister Magnusson

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