Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hello Sister Thurber!  Goodbye Sister Larsen!

These pictures are from our hike last Monday.

We were at President Ballard's house with our zone waiting for one of the APs to show up because it was his birthday and they were doing a little surprise somethin' somethin' for him.  They have this super old dog named Belle and he was in dogie heaven as Sister Larsen was scratching it's belly. It was pretty funny but I guess you had to be there. 
(check out the smile on the dog)

Our investigators are so sweet, i really like them.

I was in a trio while our companions were on their departing temple trip and i was able to see the this family from the reedville ward! I taught the husband when I was there. It was so good to see them! They are a family I have really grown to love! 

We had a lesson with a recent convert at a member's house 
and the 7 year old made me these claws and this pic. Pretty epic. 

With our star investigator

The gal in the middle was baptized just before I came into Gladstone.  In this is is some of the sisters  taught her before she was baptized.   She is doing so good! She is so strong in the gospel! I'm so proud of her! She also came to see sister allen and a few other sisters off that taught her. 

Some more friends from Gladstone came to surprise Sister Allen because she is going home.  One  was one of my favorite investigator and she said she will probably be baptized before I go home! 

Well hello family! 

Man oh man, it just has been a whirl-wind of activity! Transfers are always a bit nutty. So I have a new comp and she is brand brand new! She is fresh from the MTC! Sister Thurber (rhythms with the Gerber Baby) from Orem, Utah. I like her already. She is 20 and was a senior at BYU studying music. I was sitting next to her at transfers and singing the opening and closing songs I immediately noticed her beautiful voice. So I feel like I have sealed my fate and I will probably stay in the Five Oaks Ward till the end of my mission because training lasts 3 months and president rarely splits the greenie with their trainers after only a transfer but it has happened, so who knows. 

This past week has been the best week in the Five Oaks Ward.  We were able to teach about 13 lessons this week which is a record breaker for us! The star for this week has been our investigator that pretty much fell in our lap because she wants to go to BYUI but needed an ecclesiastical endorsement so she contacted our bishop and she has been investigating the church on mormon.org and was chatting with online missionaries before she even met us. Anywho, we were able to have 4 lessons with her this week! She is on fire. The most on fire, prepared person I think I have ever taught before! AND WE SET A BAPTISM DATE! FEBRUARY 21ST! She wants to get baptized so I am super proud of her. We gave her a church tour and we were able to teach her a few times at bishop's house. For one of the lessons we brought over a YSA (Young Single Adult) from the local YSA ward. She is 20 and really should be in the YSA but her work schedule conflicts with the YSA sacrament meeting times so she will probably stay in our ward till she can get her work schedule moved around. BUT she has Monday nights off and Kelsey (our YSA we brought) invited her to FHE. Yesterday at transfers we told the YSA elders about her and that she would be coming to FHE and they called us last night and said she seemed to fit right in and seemed to  had fun and stuff which is good! They played Bunco. We also texted her last night asking her how she liked it and she said she had a lot of fun and enjoyed herself which I am so grateful for! Yay for great member present.  Yay for great member missionaries! Members are ALWAYS the best missionaries!

So the active family that we are teaching the lessons to because they want to strengthen their testimony to return to the temple gave sacrament meeting talks on Sunday! They did so good! They talked on family history and temples. I'm so proud of them. The wife kept saying how much she learned in preparing for this talk and how much she loved exploring the gospel library app! The gospel library app is pretty incredible. If all yall’s that have a tablet or smart phone and you don't have the gospel library app on there, GET IT ON THERE! Man, that's pretty much the only reason why I would get a smart phone IF I were to ever get one.

We had a family move into the ward a couple of weeks ago (husband and wife and 9 year old daughter) and the wife has been in and out of activity most of her life and her husband joined the church in 2006. Anyway, they have been through a lot of hard trials lately and pretty much by a miracle with the help of the Lake Oswego ward were able to get this apartment in our ward. Anyway, they have a goal of getting sealed in the temple and having the husband receive the Melchizedek priesthood. I am super excited to work with them.

We were able to meet with our other investigator  family this week. We were afraid they dropped us but they are still willing to meet with us so we will take it! You have to take things really slow with them because there is a language and cultural barrier there, but for the most part we can understand each other. Anyway, Sister Larsen was looking through their teaching record and in turns out they haven't been taught the restoration! Oh goodness, that needed to be changed. So we taught them the restoration and it was probably the best lesson I have had with them. I feel like they were finally able to start connecting the dots of all the things we have been teaching them. The wife was brought up Christian and the husband Hindu and the wife doesn't say much during the lesson and the husband always agrees with everything until we bring up baptism. He says baptism is against his policy because that would mean there is only one true God and church. Er yeah, that's what we are saying. But this lesson was good because I felt that his questions were more sincere, like he was more sincerely asking why it would matter if we belonged to the true church. Break-through!  We also had a great member with us who already knew the wife because she works at the elementary school where her kids are at. They came to church too! Just for the last two hours. They came for just sacrament meeting at Christmas time and I think they were pretty bored and they said that 9am was pretty early for them on a weekend but they were willing to attend the classes. The younger boys were pretty nervous to go into primary (they are 3 and 6 years old) so the husband stayed in primary with them and the wife came to Gospel Principals and Relief Society with us. The lessons were pretty over her head and Sister Larsen and I did our best to whisper what the teacher was saying. Just remember folks, whenever teaching a lesson or giving a talk in sacrament meeting make sure it is simple enough that an investigator can understand. The primary teachers said that the husband loved primary! They said he was participating in all the songs and stuff and the primary lesson was on Joseph Smith which was perfect because that is what we just taught them! Honestly, both the parents should have been in primary. They would probably learn a lot more in there than in the other classes. We will see what happens next week if they come. The kids came out of primary with big smiles so that is a good sign.

We also had some great lessons with some less actives but I don't have time to write about it. But just know it was a good week! I'm excited to work with Sister Thurber. I'm a little nervous to train because this area is super bumping but it will be all good. It picked up a lot this week so it should be just fine.

K, love you all! Church is true. God answers prayers!

Sister Magnusson

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