Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, January 12, 2015

Visit from Elder Ballard

This morning we went on a hike with the Bull Mountain sisters....Sister Allen and Kilgrow

Some random cool looking bridge

Our mission car...jk

What’s up, family!

Man, what did we even do this week?  I don't even know. Sometimes the weeks just all kind of mesh together, days mesh together too.

Well, this morning we went on a hike because Sister Allen and I wanted to get together before she goes home. She goes home with my companion this transfer. A lot of missionaries are going home this transfer. A lot of sisters too. Transfers are in 2 weeks by the way. I am definitely getting a new companion but, I don't know if President is going to white-wash us out. He's been white washing a lot, so we will see what happens.

Next Sunday I'm speaking. There is a high councilor and youth speaking on Martin's Cove and pioneers.....so the bishopric member basically told me I can speak somewhere on those lines but really, I can speak about what I want.

Saturday evenings we set up volleyball at the church and invite people. This Saturday we had one of the youth bring his non-member friend and the mom straight up asked her right in front of us if she wanted us to come over and teach her about the gospel. I was like "GO MOM!" The girl said she already has people coming to her house to teach her about God but you know what? The success is in the invite and having the faith to invite. There is another group that some members of another ward that put on to play ultimate/football at the high school on Saturdays. I always want to go to that because ultimate is way fun but, if we don't have any non-members or less actives to take we don't go because there is really no point for us to be there. No one wanted to go this week so we didn't go. I'm not good at volleyball at all but, I guess I can fake it for a couple of hours.

We had Elder Ballard from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles come. I guess when your mission president has a dad that is an apostle he can pull some strings. It was really good. Friday morning we had a mission meeting and from 9am-12pm, we had a little meeting with him. He did a question and answer session but he asked us to base the questions the difficulties finding in this mission. Because it sure is true, it is HARD to find. Especially in the area I am now. Anyway, the jest of what he was saying was that it is way more important to have people "feel" than to "know" when you are teaching. So basically it doesn't matter what you know or what they know, if they can feel the spirit, they will want to progress. And also to teach clearly, simply, and directly. Don't let people go off on tangents. There was nothing new he taught but it was just great reminders and a good way to receive revelation for your area.

Then Friday night he did a member/missionary fireside. It was really good. His talk was totally and completely geared to non members. He basically taught the whole Restoration and parts of the Plan of Salvation but he practiced what he preached. He taught clearly, simply, and directly. I was messaging an investigator I had in a previous area and she heard him too in a neighboring stake center where it was being broadcasted. She said, "I really enjoyed it. Loved that he wasn't stiff, it made it more real. He tackled a lot of things and yet didn't overwhelm you. Plus he didn't shy away from the things he didn't yet know the full answer too like the end times." (Elder Ballard made mention some things concerning the end of the world and such and he straight said, "You know what, I don't have all the answers.") It made me so happy she went and liked what she heard! Man, I love her so much and she is going to get baptized, she is just taking her time because she has been burnt out from a lot of churches before so she just wants to know for sure and read the whole Book of Mormon through. She told me she just started reading Alma! She started reading in the summer.

We are teaching this family that is active but the husband and wife have been flip-flopping between being active and less-active. But this time they said they want to make it back to the temple. So we are teaching them the lessons. They are both in their 30s and have a 2 year old son. When we taught them the Restoration this week it was like teaching investigators. The wife doesn't know much. By the end when we asked them if they had any more questions, and she said she didn't know if God loves her. We realized we probably taught her way over her head and should have stuck with the first point, God is Our Loving Heavenly Father. She said she doesn't know how to receive answers from God. She said she prays but she is just asking for things and she sometimes doesn't feel anything from him.  We told her receiving revelation is different for each person and her answers will come uniquely to her. Man, I realized I need to be better at asking questions and following the spirit rather than just spewing information. Aw well. This next lesson will be better. K, I gotta go. Thanks for being such great family. I love you all so much!


Sis. Magnusson

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