Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Busy Week for Sisters Magnusson and Thurber

FIRST OF ALL A HUGE SHOOT OUT TO OUR VERY OWN LISA! Happy  b-day man! Lisa, I'll have you know I tracted this street for you and......nothing. But that's okay! Seeds were planted! I thought of you all day yesterday. It sounds like the celebration of your birthday was everything and more! I spent the day in ward council, church, personal study, comp study, training, sweet hour of prayer, dinner, and a few missed appointments. a lot of sitting man. but that's okay! I'm excited to see you again in a few shoot months! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I had to document Sis. Thurber's first teaching appointment...

Hello family! Well, what a week man. I feel like it went by pretty fast. Probably because it was transfer week and one of the days we pretty much had an all day training meeting that you go to with your greenie. Sister Thurber is a great missionary! The first few months are always hard because adjusting to missionary life is hard but she is doing good. It's been kind of crazy because nearly everyday this week our morning schedule has been thrown off somehow through service or having earlier lessons or mtgs, or whatever. We are suppose to have an extra hour of training everyday after studies but we haven't really had time to do even that! But that's a good thing, I rather be crazy busy instead of not being busy at all because let me tell you, not being busy as a missionary is the worst thing ever.

We started meeting with this less-active Young Single Adult from the YSA ward because the YSA ward just has elders and it's just better for her to meet with sisters. Anyway, her biggest thing is she needs more scripture reading in her life because she pretty much goes to church but there are some things going on in her life that she needs the scriptures very badly. Anywho, this last lesson was good because she started highlighting scriptures that stood out to her and made more commentary. She is going to two of our lessons this week which will be good.

Our scripture reading lesson with a recent convert was probably the best one we had. Probably because I think this time he is getting the swing of how to look for things in the scriptures that stand out to him and stuff so he also gave more commentary which was good. His lesson was Sister Thurber's first lesson as a missionary. I remember my first lesson as a missionary. It was with this 20 some year old, girl who we tracted into. Man, I sure was nervous for that lesson.

Every week we volunteer at this Alzheimer's center and do chair exercises with them and visit with them and such. Anyway, they have a piano in the front room and I was like, eoooooooo, Sister Thurber can sing and I can play the piano (kind of). So I played some simple hymns and she sang. The residents loved it! Man, I wish I learned how to play the piano better. That's a goal I have when I get off the mish, learn how to play better.

So another miracle this week. So we were volunteering at the Foodbank doing a shift when I get a call from a random guy saying that he and his wife want to be taught. Errrrrrrr, that never happens. Got his address and it was in our apartment complex. We made an appointment for the following day. We looked in our records and he was no where to be found. We asked bishop if he knew him and he didn't but asked if he could go to our lesson. YES PLEASE!  Anyway, we go and its this nice young looking couple. He is 29 and she is 26 He has active members of the church in his family and they have decided as a couple they want to be more unified as a family and they want a central religion in their life. It was so good to have bishop there and it turns out he knew of the guy from work (they both work in construction type stuff). They really hit it off with bishop which was great. Our bishop has a great talent for connecting with people. He is super down to earth. They were so open to everything and willing to learn, it was just so refreshing to teach someone like that!!!!! I feel like in this mission a lot of times you have to yank them by the hair and say, "You WILL have the desire to learn and sit and listen because I am going to force it in you!" Just kidding, that's not how it goes, but sometimes that how I feel. She asked some good questions and they are willing to come to church! But not this past Sunday cuz of the superbowl. I'm telling that darn superbowl is of the devil....keeping our peeps from coming to church! Anyway, but they will probably come this week. I'm so excited for them. I know she will get baptized and he will too. I keep telling Sister Thurber it doesn't usually happen like this......

So our other investigator....oh how I love her. We taught her the 10 Commandments, Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, and Word of Wisdom this past week with the Relief Society President and her counselor. I was a little worried because she works on Sunday and I didn't know if she had a coffee issue or not. But nope, when we committed her to live the Word of Wisdom she was like, "yeah, I'll do it, no problem." Sometimes I want to pinch myself and say, woman, are you for real?! Then on Sunday at church she was all smiles and was like, "Guess what?! Starting in March I get every Sunday off!" Holy smokers! She is seriously the most prepared person I have met. Yes JMAG if she goes to BYUI I will definitely give her your contact info and you guys should hang out! She is all done with her BYU applications too. She applied to both Provo and Idaho. I hope she goes to Idaho. I think the smaller campus would be better for her. And when she gets her Sundays off in march she can start going to the YSA ward. That will be good.I have also told Sister Thurber, it doesn't usually happen like this....

Alright, I think I'm done. I appreciate and love you guys so much! I'm trying not to sound trunky but I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in 3 more months! In my heart I'm glad I"m training, it's keeping me more focused. Sister Thurber is great and with some experience under her belt she is going to be a dynamite missionary!

K, love ya! Church is true!

Sis Magnusson

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