Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 21: "It was a happy, happy day!"

Angelina's baptism!  It was a happy, happy day!  

The young man who baptized Angelina is a friend that is attending BYU Idaho right now.  
He drove down from Idaho for the baptism.  
 Bishop Carroll also played a big part in her journey to baptism as well.

With Sis. Carroll, the bishop's wife.  

Kelsey is the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening chairperson.  
She has been great at fellowshipping Angelina.  

Sis. Jensen has a daughter Angelina's age.  When Angelina moved to the United States from Ukraine when she was 6, she didn't know any English.  It was Sis. Jenson's daughter who was one of the first people to be her friend during that time.  This is a picture of Sis. Jensen telling that story to Angelina.  Pretty cool.  

This is all the sister missionaries who have taught her...
Sis. Magnusson, Thurber, Reyes, and Larson.  
SisterLarsen was able to come up from Utah and Sister Reyes (a visitor center sister) was able to come because she was kind of the like the first official missionary to teach her because she came to the visitor center before she contacted us.  

Angelina wrote a blog post about her journey to finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can read the story by clicking here.

Other happenings this past week.... 

We were able to go the the temple last Tuesday...

Take notice of the sun and me not having a jacket or boots.  

It's so sunny right now .  I love it!
 Someday ya'lls will come to this temple and see how beautiful it is.  

Where's Waldo Sis. Magnusson?
 Hint:  "So that shadow of a person at the base of the temple is moi."  

We went to the temple with this family to see the movie, Meet the Mormons.  It was their first time coming to the Portland Temple.  It was cool to walk around with them.  I love them so much!

Don't mind the frizz.

All these shoes are from all the missionaries at the Stake Presidency Breakfast.   
It was a good breakfast...

Hello family.

Well, first and foremost happy birthday to my favorite brother ever. My brother is 19. For my 19th birthday we went to Haleiwa and went surfing with my freshman buddies. (Sis. Magnusson was a student at BYU Hawaii)  Sam I would like to point out that the majority of your 19th year will be spent as a missionary. All of your 20 year will be spent as a missionary too. I remember for my 24th birthday thinking, man, this whooooooole time that I am 24, I will be a missionary. It was an overwhelming thought but I'm getting through it!

The highlight of this week was Angelina's baptism. I probably count it as one of the of times I have felt the spirit strongest on the mission. It was seriously such a powerful experience. Angelina is so amazing. Hopefully someday y'all's can meet her. She should hear back from the BYUs sometime soon to see if she got in. She was so happy greeting everybody for her baptism. She had lots of support which was awesome. Sister Larsen was able to come from Utah and some YSA Ward people came, and our ward people came. It was such an incredible experience. I spoke on baptism, Sister Larsen spoke on the Holy Ghost, we had a member sing, I Believe in Christ, and then our bishop and the YSA bishop said some things at the end. Then sister Thurber, Sister Larsen, Angelina, and I went to Coldstone to celebrate! She was truly radiated that day.

So we usually have preparation-days on Mondays but yesterday we had a mission wide iPad meeting so they changed our p-day to today. We are going to get updated iPads this week. Pretty crazy. The director for the Provo MTC and this 70 guy gave us this training for missionary work in the digital age. It was cool just to get s sneak peek what the prophet and the 12 Apostles have envision for missionary work. Pretty mind boggling actually. The Lord is hastening his work, that is for sure. We also got a sneak preview on the Easter video that the church is going to put out. I won't give anything away but, I'll just tell ya, it’s going to be good!

We saw the movie, Meet the Mormons, with a family from the ward. They are preparing go
back to the temple and they should be going soon - either in March or April, I bet. I love them so much! We taught them more about the Fall and Adam and Eve and how it pertains to the Plan of Salvation to help them prepare for the temple. They said that was super helpful.

Random thing...so yesterday at the iPad training while we were on break I was standing next to some sisters and one of the greenies said something like, "You know Sister Magnusson, wanna know something kind of funny? I totally looked at your blog a lot before I came out. So when I saw you the first day I was like I know her from somewhere.” Anyway, I thought it kind of funny.

We had a lesson with one of our investigators this week. She is only kind-of-sorta an investigator because she isn't so much interested in changing her religion but she is listening to the Book of Mormon so we don't want to drop her just yet. Anyway, she is super sweet and loves us. She is 83 years old (I think). She is the one who we took to the family history center last week. Anywho she kind of talks a lot and this time she was talking a lot about her family members that have died. Like her husband died when he was 45. Her mom died when She was 29. Most of her siblings have passed away. It was pretty depressing to hear about all of it. Even though she doesn’t want to be taught, we taught he some of the Plan of Salvation anyway through our conversation. She said she hadn't ever really thought about a pre-mortal life before and hadn't really thought about getting our bodies back in the resurrection....well yeah, that's the best part man, and our resurrected bodies will be perfect!

We were able to officially meet with a less active family since the first time I've been here. They have let us drop by but never had set an appointment to actually teach them. They have two elementary school age kids that are pretty active. We catered the lesson to them but really we were talking to the parents. We gave a little lesson on the Sacrament and why it is important. Everybody was
agreeing with what everybody was saying and they said they would be at church on Sunday but they weren't there.

Our Book of Mormon reading with a member is going pretty good. Each time we meet for our little Book of Mormon study group he inputs more and seems to be understanding more. Someone from Church commented at a dinner we were at how much happier he is looking at church. When she said that I was thinking, you know what, it's true! I have seen him smile more which is awesome!

Alright, I'm going now. Sorry this took forever to get out. Lots of crazy stuff happening today. I would start this email, then have to stop, then start it again.  Good thing for iPads, eh?

Church is true and Sam is now 19! Whew-who! Love ya little bro!
This picture was taken when Sam was 12 years old.

Sister Magnusson

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