Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Thursday, February 19, 2015

There is a baptism coming up this week!

We went bowling today...
So now it's my turn to write about how mother nature is confused. Man, it is so sunny and warm right now! We are talkin' the 60s and hardly a cloud in the sky! Last February it was snowing. It's been a super mild winter compared to last winter. Like, I don't have any leggings or tights on or nothing! Not even my boots! Just the black shoes you bought me Lisa. By the way, thanks again for getting those for me. I wear them all the time.....when i'm not wearing my boots.

Well our star investigator gets baptized next Saturday! So some of you may have seen what she posted on facebook about her baptism and read on blog about her finding the gospel. (You can read her blog post by clicking here.)  I'm really proud of her for posting that because it probably took a lot of courage! We have her program pretty much all squared away and Sister Larsen is able to come down for it so that will be awesome too! It's going to be weird seeing her not as a missionary but me still a missionary. I'm still going to call her Sister Larsen. I don't know if I can ever call my companions by their real names. I'm excited to see her. Our investigator  still hasn't ever seen a baptism, so last night I message her one of the district videos that has a baptism in it so at least she has a vague idea.

We taught our other investigators this week. This time when we asked if we could bring a member they said yes. That made me happy. She still had lots of questions about the Priesthood Good questions too. A lot of which I didn't really know how to answer and a lot I don't know the answer for. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost because it is the Holy Ghost that is going to testify to her the truths of the Priesthood, not Sister Magnusson's teaching style. Thank goodness because I am sure an imperfect teacher. We started the Plan of Salvation with them too and we got to our life on earth and she had some hang ups with some things with Adam and Eve. Once again, some super good questions that I really didn't know how to answer but good thing for the Holy Ghost once again.

We are kind of "teaching" another lady. She is this super, nice 78 year old lady (maybe she is a little younger), she is legally blind but she can  kind of see. Anywho, she doesn't have any interest really in learning more about our church cuz she is super comfortable in her Catholic church but she is very interested in family history work. So we had a super nice lady from the ward drive all of us down to the Beaverton West Family History Center and the volunteers there were so helpful helping her find her father and grandfather which she was super excited about.

We were able to teach quite a few Recent Convert/Less Active lessons this week. We are scheduled to see Meet the Mormons twice this week with two of them which I am super excited about. (You can download the video on demand by clicking here.) Three of our peoples are preparing to go back to the temple so we are starting arrangements with the member called to teach the temple prep class so that is super exciting to get that rolling. Speaking of temple, we are going tomorrow. Super excited about about that. I feel blessed to live in a mission with a temple available....and a visitor center!

On Valentines day we made some cookies and cut out some hearts and heart-attacked some peeps in the ward.   I think the people we did it for really appreciated it.
Well, love you guys! Thanks for everything! Happy Presidents Day! 

Sister Magnusson

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