Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Easter

We had dinner with a member on Saturday night 
and they had some cute new baby bunnies! 
Happy Easter! 

What up family! 

The first week on the transfer is done. Man, it was a slow one. But it will pick up I'm sure. We had stuff going on but in my mind it was slow. 

We had a really good lesson with our investigators . I was worried because we were teaching the second half of the Plan of Salvation.  When we taught the first half a few weeks ago, the wife had a lot of questions with some Adam and Eve stuff and I didn't feel like we answered the wife’s questions very well. And before we left that lesson she told us her specific questions ahead of time about the Spirit World and the 3 Kingdoms so we could be prepared  with what she was going to ask. I felt like I would know how to answer them but she asks some good ones as we go along so we weren't sure how this was going to be. Well, we prayed really hard for the Spirit to be there at that lesson because really it didn't matter what we said or how we answered her questions, if the Spirit wasn't there, nothing was going to go right anyway. Sooooooooo, miracles of miracles the lesson went great! Everything we said to her she seemed to make sense of it in her mind, we were able to back up her questions using the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  The Christian background she grew up with and what we teach are pretty darn near similar so a lot of it she was pretty okay with. Sister Thurber and I were just so relieved that everything went well and that both the husband and wife and us didn't leave the lesson feeling frustrated…..I do know that we were put in their path for a reason (or that they put us in their path for a reason because they called us originally). They are such an awesome family. I love them so much! 

So on Saturday afternoon my companion got sick and we had a lesson in a couple hours so I had to coordinate finding somewhere my companion could rest, and find a member that could be with me and drive us to the lesson. Well, miracles of miracles everything worked out (and after a few hours of sleep, my companion woke up completely cured!). Anywho, the lesson went good!   Our investigator asked if she committed to having more lessons would that mean she is committed to baptism. We told her no.  She asked what the first lesson was and we gave her a water down version of the Restoration, focusing on the Apostasy. We told her our next lesson we could go over more of the Restoration. She said she would like have each of the lessons in pieces so not to overwhelm her.  We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and get the gospel library app downloaded. I really like her.

Until next time! Remember,  the Church is true!


Sister Magnusson

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