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Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Like to Look for Rainbows

You can't see it but there is a rainbow.....on SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! I don't know if I have ever seen a rainbow on Saint Patricks Day! It's like, have you ever had a Halloween with a full moon? Those things just don't happen!
Hello family!

Well it's my last day of my 24th year! What shall I do? Well, already I have gone to the doctors, been to Winco, post office, and now here at the family history center emailing. Later on we are going to play racquetball, go to a consignment shop and I'm going to try to sell some clothes to them so I can buy some things from them, sister Thurber will practice the piano (I might do some more emailing during that time...or exercise), so yeah....good day. Tomorrow we will do some finding, teaching, contacting less-actives, the usual missionary routine! What a great way to spend your first day of your 25th year eh?! For Sister Thurber's first day of her 21st year on Wednesday we will probably do about the same thing. Life of a missionary, yo!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to write about this but do you guys remember the Arcadia Mission president before President Owen? Or maybe it was two before President Owen - President Swenson. Anyway, his daughter Erin Hatch is in the Five Oaks Ward. We figured all that out the first time I had dinner with them. I was like, hey! We have totally lived in the same stake for three years! I think she may be one year old than you, Lisa. Their family is so great. So missionary minded. We are having them for my b-day dinner tomorrow. Fun stuff!

The lesson of the week award goes to one of our current investigators! So the last two times we have met at Burger King. I was like oooooooooookay, I think I'm done meeting at Burger King because it's just not very conducive to the spirit, ya know? So miracles of miracles we found someone during Spring Break that could pick her up and drive her to the church to have a lesson, stay for the lesson, and drop her back off. She was like the best member present! I love it when those happen! Great testifier, wasn't awkward, jumped right in when she had something to say, had good things to say, asked good questions. Folks if the missionaries ever ask you to go to a lesson, GO! And just be yourself and be natural and follow the spirit. The missionaries will LOVE YOU! We had the lesson on the Restoration and we were able to answer her questions on what the Book of Mormon actually entails and such. Our investigator bore a powerful testimony of Christ's Atonement. It was really cool. She said that one of the things she most missed about attending our church in the past, are the quiet, peaceful, reverent hymns. WE felt impressed to have a closing song with her in the chapel after our lesson and we sang Nearer My God to Thee. The Spirit was so strong. She loved it! It really helped that Sister Thurber has such a beautiful voice and I could play that hymn.

Those talents have also been really useful at the Altimeter's center we volunteer at every week. I play the piano and sister Thurber sings. The residents and workers love it. There are two LDS residents there. One time when we were doing a musical number (God Be With You Till We Meet Again), the daughters of one of the LDS residents were there. As we were getting ready to go one of the daughters came up to us and said with tears in her eyes "thank you." She said her mom got pretty emotional during that song and it probably brought back some memories that she couldn't express. That made me happy to hear. The Spirit was pretty strong during that song. I could feel it. All of those residents are pretty child like there and I know they could feel it too.   So thank you mom for making me take piano lessons even though I resisted. Good thing those residents cant remember what we sang last time because I just play the same songs basically. My goal is to pick up piano lessons again when I return home and when I get some money.

We met with our other investigators this week and taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Megan has a strong Christian background and agreed with everything we said except she had some questions about receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost only after you are baptize. She said she has felt the Holy Ghost so strongly in her life and she feel like she can receive answers to her prayers anytime through Holy Ghost. Her relationship with God is so near and dear to her heart and sacred and to hear someone say that she can't have that full relationship with God till after she is  baptized, she wasn't understanding. Good questions. Everyone, yes, can indeed feel the power of the Holy Ghost if living worthy enough to feel it. There is a difference, though, in having the sanctifying Gift of the Holy Ghost. We had a hard time explaining it. We did read her the Bible Dictionary Definition of the Holy Ghost which says,

The power can come upon one before baptism and is the convincing
witness that the gospel is true. By the power of the Holy Ghost a
person receives a testimony of Jesus Christ and of His work and the
work of His servants upon the earth. The gift can come only after
proper and authorized baptism and is conferred by the laying on of
hands, as in Acts 8:12–25 and Moro. 2. The gift of the Holy Ghost is
the right to have, whenever one is worthy, the companionship of the
Holy Ghost. For those who receive this gift, the Holy Ghost acts as a
cleansing agent to purify them and sanctify them from all sin. Thus it
is often spoken of as “fire” (Matt. 3:11; 2 Ne. 31:17; D&C 19:31). The
manifestation on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2) was the gift of the
Holy Ghost that came upon the Twelve, without which they were not
ready for their ministries to the world.

We told her we would do more study on it and get back to her for the next lesson.

We had a few meeting with recent converts this week and one really made my day! We went over Mosiah 3 with her and she had some amazing insights on it. She hasn't ever read the Book of Mormon all the way through and she doesn't have a pattern of daily scripture study in her life. She also can't come to church much because she is a nurse and works a lot of Sundays. We committed her to have daily scripture study and she said she would do it. A few days later she called us just to say that she has been reading everyday and she has been taking it slow because she has been doing it very thoughtfully and with the institute manual and she really wants to understand. She said she is feeling really good about it and just wanted to call and let us know. That was like the best thing that happened that day!

Alrighty, gotta go. Things to do, places to be, souls to save! Happy birthday Janelle tomorrow! The big TWO EIGHT! That's so old. Twenty five is old too. K, the church is true! Love you everybody!

Sister Magnusson
Kristine (Sis. Magnusson)
with her sisters 
March 24, 1990

Janelle with here sisters
March 24, 1987 

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