Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"It's Been a Whirlwind Week!"

Hello everybody!

The beginning of a new transfer! Sister Thurber and I are still together in the Five Oaks ward. Not really a surprise there, but president did split of some trainers with their greenies in the middle of their training this transfer so really, anything can happen!

Man, it has been a whirlwind week! Lots of miracles witnessed! The biggest miracle was Saturday for sure. So our investigator from Gladstone was scheduled to get baptized that day. Gladstone is on the other side of the mission from where I am, so I was stressed how I was going to get there. Sister Powner, who also taught her with me is in a neighboring ward next to ours. So we got permission to carpool over together and we had to get some members to stay with our comps in our areas while we were at the baptism. So like 6 days before we got a hold of the YSA elders and ask them if they know of any girls in their ward that’s preparing for a mission that would want to hang out with Sister Thurber for awhile while I go to the baptism. Anyway they gave us a name of a YSA that is leaving for a mission end of April and she said she could do it!  And Sister Powner was able to get a member for their area. So we all met up at our apartment that morning, did our switching, then we are off! Another blessing is that we were able to set up an appointment with one of our investigators, while I was gone so Sister Thurber and the member actually had something to do instead of tract. Sister Powner and I were able to get to Gladstone without any problems. Our investigator has  prepared so well for her baptism. She has read most of the Book of Mormon (and has understood what she has read!) and has read a lot of preach my gospel! I know I will be friends with her and her family forever! I can't wait to see them again!

K, so another miracle is that our other investigators committed to see Meet the Mormons at the visitor center for this past Saturday AND THEY INVITED THEIR FRIENDS TOO! Their friends live pretty close to the temple.
Anyway, everything went so smoothly. We were able to finish our dinner on time, which meant that we were able to go meet our members that were taking us on time (and we had members that were willing to take us), and we were all able to get to the temple on time and all at the same time. They loved the movie! They said their favorite person was the candy bomber! I am so glad that they saw the guy from Nepal too! I thought that was good for the husband because the guy from Nepal talks about converting from Hinduism to Christian and how his perspective of God has totally changed. There is no more fear but only love. And he now knows that we are all loved by our Heavenly Father and we are His children. They also loved walking around the temple grounds.  The best part of the night was that the wife said she had never felt so happy! Whoa! When she said that it made my heart sing! And her countenance truly did show it! And another miracle is that we all said our goodbyes in the parking lot and we were walking to our car when out of the visitor center walks the Morbys! (Sis Magnusson's old mission president and his wife.) Oh my goodness I almost jumped out of my skin! They are visiting Oregon for a little bit (can't remember why) but man oh man, it was so good to see them! That was such a treat! The Morbys are some of the great human beings ever (besides my family of course!) .

So another miracle was that yesterday was invite Sunday and a family in the ward (really love them by the way!) invited a co-worker and she came and she really enjoyed it! She stayed for all three hours and she said that everything was pretty much the same to her beliefs except for the added scriptures that we study. She did like how much scripture we used and quoted in our lessons and such because she said that her church just talks about scriptures in more of a round about way and not necessarily quoting stuff I guess. She said that she would definitely be interested in learning more about Joseph Smith. Sweet! She isn't in our area, she lives by the temple but hey, all the same work right!

So we have an appointment with the lady that walked into church a couple weeks ago because she is church hopping.We picked up a referral from the rock creek sisters, a lady they met volunteering at a food pantry.  We met with her once and it was a good meeting. I'm excited to work more with her. All right, got to go. Love you all! Church is true!


Sister Magnusson

Sister Magnusson with Sister Branchini.  Sis. Alejandra Branchini is from our home ward and they are serving together in the Oregon, Portland mission! Monday was Sis. Branchini's first day in Oregon.

More missionaries serving together in the Oregon, Portland Mission.  

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