Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, March 2, 2015

"March is upon us"

 These pictures are from January when Elder M. Russell Ballard came to visit our mission

Elder and Sis. Ballard with Pres. and Sis. Ballard

Me and Sister Thurber her first week here

At Micky D's!  We had a buy one, get on free shake coupon.

We went on a little nature walk this mornin'.....

Hola Family!

Well, March is upon us! The blossoms are out...thanks to the very confusing last two sunny weeks of February. Hey, I'm not complaining...

Man, I can't even tell you what happened this week. It all just kind of comes into a blur. Last Monday we taught one of our families. We decided to go back to the basics and see how the wife’s prayers are going because the very first second we ever taught them she said she didn't know if Heavenly Father answered her prayers or how He did or if He even loved her. She said she prays every day and with her husband to but she still has a hard time recognizing answers because she says the answers just don't seem to come. We showed her one of the Patterns of Light videos about revelation and that seemed to help her and told her that Heavenly Father always answers,  but sometimes the answer is yes, or no, or just wait a bit. We had dinner with them on Friday and she announced that she is reading the Book of Mormon for the first time and for the most part she is understanding it but just got really confused in some of the Isaiah chapters. She said it was cool to read about the Iron Rod and stuff because that is stuff she grew up hearing about but never really read about it before.
You can also see the video by clicking here.  

So on Saturday we booked seeing Meet the Mormons at the Visitor Center with a couple where we are trying to get the husband to prepare himself for the temple. But then that night our investigator family that we are teaching said they could meet! We were devastated because we haven't been able to meet with them for a while and we didn't want to cancel the Meet the Mormons movie because we already had to reschedule with them twice. So originally we asked our other family if we could reschedule, even though in our hearts would probably wouldn't be able to meet with them again till next week cuz they usually can only meet on Saturday nights. So then we were like no! We are going to make this work! So we figured we would try to do splits. One of us going to the family's lesson and the other to the movie and get a ward missionary to go to the lesson with us because for the movie the wife is an active member so she could be our companion. Anywho, after some crazy legalistic work (I'm telling you people have no idea the planning that goes on in this!) we got it all figured out how we could do both! Then it was just a matter of deciding who went where. Naturally Sister Thurber said she felt more comfortable going to the movie and I teach the lesson with a ward missionary. So I said I was fine with that but then I didn't get such a good feeling about it. So I told her after a little bit that I felt that she should go to the lesson and I go to the movie. She looked a little nervous but she said she would do it. By the time we met up again, she told me about the lesson and it sounded like THE BEST LESSON we ever had with them! We planned to teach them God is Our Loving Heavenly Father and the Gospel Families because last time we taught about worshiping one God (Hindus worship lots of Gods and it's a concept we are trying to break through with the husband because he is the one that is Hindu, the wife is a Christian). Oh! And another awesome thing is the husband said that between our last visit and this visit he watched the whole Ten Commandments movie! That is awesome! Last time we read The Ten Commandments with them so that probably sparked some interest I guess. Anywho, Sister Thurber also said that when they asked the husband what it would mean if he knew God is his lovely Heavenly Father he said that it would change everything! He said that we would want to share this message with everyone and serve everyone and he would have a closer bond with God because he would know how to communicate with Him. THAT IS A HUGE STEP FOR HIM! When Sister Thurber told me that it seriously made me heart sing! AND ANOTHER MIRACLE IS THAT THEY COMMITTED TO SEE MEET THE MORMONS AT THE VISITOR CENTER NEXT WEEK! That is also huge! Every time I watch that movie and see the guy from Nepal I want them to see it because I feel like they would be able to connect with him so well! So I am very excited for next week!

Another reason to be excited for next week is that MY INVESTIGATOR  FROM GLADSTONE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY AND I GET TO GO! ....as long as I find a companion for Sister Thurber to work in our area while I'm gone. I'm a little nervous about finding someone though. We will see how it goes, but oh my gosh I am so excited for Michele! She has prepared herself so well and has REALLY looked into this to make sure that this is what she wants to do. Man, when I think of Gladstone I think of her and her family. This will bless them so much! I love that family so much, you guys have no idea! It's amazing the love you have for these people just from knowing them for just a few short months! It's only a fraction of a fraction of the love Heavenly Father has for us all!

Well, I should probably go but I love you all. Thanks for all your emails and pics and such. I do love looking at the pics. Happy March! March is the best month of all! (Sis. Magnusson's birthday is March 24.  If you would like to  send her a birthday wish, her mailing address is on the side of this blog)

K, The Church is true and Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Magnusson

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