Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and General Conference

Doing service for Adam's Eagle project.  
We were sewing the last of his aprons.  

We had a ward Easter lunch/Easter egg hunt between sessions 
of General Conference on Saturday.  
This is a picture of the kids lining up for the egg hunt.  

A family from the ward made some delicious tacos for lunch!  
Authentic stuff.  Dad would have really like them.  

The Joys had us over for lunch on Sunday and made us a nice little Easter Treat!  

Today we went downtown with the Beaverton Sisters!  
Sis Branchini, Benson, and Halogen.  

Sister Benson and Branchini were MTC companions as well.

We went to the Keep Portland weird sign,

Powells Bookstore,

the Food Carts, 
and Vodo Doughnuts.  

Family! How is it going?! 

This morning we went to downtown! I always thought it would be fun to serve downtown amongst the craziness . One of the Sisters we were with, Sister Halgren, served there for her first area. She said it was a lot of fun! It was good to hang out with Sister Branchini too! 

This may have to be a quickie email. 

The miracle of the week award go to our investigators couple.  Their hearts have very much been softened these past couple months and the lady accepted the offer of getting a blessing. The blessing was such a good experience for her. The spirit was so strong. They also watched the Sunday morning of General Conference. Oh my goodness, Sister Wixom's talk was PERFECT for them! I'm so glad they watched THAT session because it was those talks that they needed to hear. Our lesson with them earlier this week was a pretty cool miracle too! So I can't remember if I wrote to you  last week about our investigator's concern about receive the Holy Ghost after she is baptize because she said she has been feeling it strongly for most of her life as long as she was living worthy of it. Anywho, we did our homework and talked to a convert in our ward to get her opinion on things and guess what?! Revelation was flowin'! It was really helpful to talk to the convert because she said that was a really big hang up for her when she was investigating. She said ultimately it just came to a matter of prayer and she asked Heavenly Father if this was what he wanted her to do because she didn't understand this principal.  She really liked other doctrines of the Church like eternal families. She got her answer to be baptized and everything worked out for her. Well, when we went to the lesson, she kind of already had her question figured out in her mind. She came up with a balloon analogy that was really good! She said that we all feel the Holy Ghost in our lives, some more than others. The more we feel it, the more our balloon is filled.  She said people like her have their balloon already pretty filled but when they are baptized it just gets that much more air and even MORE FILLED YES! We loved her little analogy! 

We had a really good lesson with our ten year old investigator. She is on like chapter 25 of the children's Old Testament Stories and can't remember how far along in the Book of Mormon Stories but she is understanding it pretty well! We talked 1 Nephi 3:7 and kind of the background of it all and she totally got it! They were so excited to watch conference and see MODERN day prophets! Her mom is doing awesome too! 

Mom, I just wanted to thank you for always inviting people to our house to watch conference. This whole week it feels like we were making the awkward calls to ask people to ask other people to watch conference at their house. What a difference it makes to watch conference with other members in their home. . So, thank you.

K, sorry. Told ya it was going to be a short one. Got things to do! I love you all! The Church is true! 

Sis. Magnusson

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