Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aloooooooooooah from Aloha, Oregon

Well, aloha from Aloooooooooooooooooooooooha! Yup yup, I'm living in Aloha, Oregon right now. Although they don't pronounce it "aloha", as in the hawaiian word for hello, but they pronounce it "A-LOW-A". Weird.

But yeah, Oregon is way gorgeous. Like absolutely, positively gorgeous. It has been sunny and blue sky for the whole 2 days I've been here. The airport was cloudy when we came in but it cleared up.

Man, there is so much to say.  Sunday was good. I liked our devotional. Bro. Stephen Allen spoke. He is some MTC head guy. He was way good. Talked about if you still haven't cleared stuff up before your mish you probably should go home and clear it, then come back. But he said it way better. Then we watched an old devotional that Elder Bednar gave about "Becoming a Missionary". That was good. Then our district had our last prayer together and sang, God Be With You Till We Meet Again in our classroom. It was sad to say goodbye. I really liked our peeps. I was proud of our elders.

Went to bed around 11pm and got up at 2:30 to be at the travel office at 3:30am. We got on some buses to take all the missionaries leaving that day to the FrontRunner train to take us to the airport. Plane left at 8:30am. It wouldn't have been that bad but I have a cold so that didn't help things much. At the Portland airport Pres. and Sis. Morby were right there to greet us as we came off. We got some pics then we drove over to the temple. K, the Portland, Oregon temple might be my new favorite temple. So GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh, I love it! Maybe partly cuz it was such a beautiful fall day when we got there. And the houses and the long street to get to it is beautiful too....you feel like you are driving up Woodland Lane in Bradbury from Royal Oaks Dr. North or something. I love all they fall colors! Everything is so vibrant here! Even thought I've only been there once, Oregon reminds me of back east.....kind of. Like I say, I only been there once, but it kind of has that feel.
Portland, Oregon Temple
Photo by AngelaService.com
 After the temple we went to the Stake Center right by the temple for meetings and orientation and such. We also had a big transfer meeting. I was pretty much dying in the transfer meeting because like I say, I have a cold and my nose was just running like no tomorrow. All the new missionaries were sitting on the stand pretty much the whole time and I even had to get off to run to the bathroom to get more tissue.

Lisa, thanks for making me take all those Airbornes and vitamin C packets and Dayquils. I used all the vitamin c packets at the MTC.

I have a new companion:  Sis. Newman from Australia. She seems cool. Still haven't quite figured her out yet cuz she's quiet but I think she'll be a good trainer. We are covering a very large area. We are in the Farmington Ward and we are sharing it with some Elders. We are living in an apartment and it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nice. Lisa, I kept thinking of you and how you live on like dirt floors with weird showers and toilet and such. We have all carpet (except for kitchen), big walk in closet, our own study desks, nice bathroom, a couch, lots of storage space, and a gym (oh and a pool too). Speaking of pool, Sis. Newman is also a swimmer! And she knows some people I knew from BYUH that were also Australian.

We had dinner last night with a cute young couple and their little kids. It was so weird cuz we just fed the missionaries days before I left in Duarte and here I was a missionary in someone else's house eating a glorious home cooked meal! And I was a missionary! AH! I even gave the spiritual thought at the end. Go me.

We have a car. I am the driver cuz Sis. Newman can't drive cuz she's not a citizen. Pray that I won't crash this brand new Chevy.

Mondays are our p-days but we are having our p-day today cuz yesterday was transfers. So me and Sis. Newman went to Winco and Kolhs this morning. It was so weird shopping cuz I totally felt normal cuz that's what I do normally is buy food and go to Kolhs but people kind of look at you differently and your cashier tells you "God bless you guys" and then you're like, oh wait, I guess I'm a missionary. Maybe cuz I haven't done a lot of "missionary things" yet. Like we are going tracking tonight and maybe after that I will feel more like a missionary.

I can't wait to go to church on Sunday and meet the ward. I met the ward mission leader and his wife yesterday (they both looked like my age) and they seemed way nice. Everyone just seems way nice here. And everyone dresses nice too. Like everybody seems like they are mormon by the way they dress...at least in Winco that is.

K, times up.

Love everybody!

Sister Magnusson

Kristine sent these pictures from when she was in the MTC.  You can learn about the stories behind these pictures on the previous blog posts. 

Me and my companioin, Sister Dittmar

 Me and my district girls in our dorm before gym time

Me and Sister Dittmar at the Provo Temple

The girls who are in my district

The elders who are in my district

 Check out how the elders are totally photo bombing this picture.....
It is pretty hilarious

Me and Sis. Quizon and Dittmar on our Sunday walk to the temple
 It was preparing us fo the weather in Portland

 The district

 The distict girls again

 Me and Sis. Dittmar on our way to do our laundry

Happy Birthday to our MTC Zone Leader

This here is Sister Magnusson with Sister Magnusson.  
She is from Salem, Oregon.  
I looked at her pedigree chart and didn't see any relation....
but maybe 5th cousins twice removed.  

 Me and Sis. Dittmar and the other Sis. Dittmar after Relief Society on Sunday 

 A sunny Sunday on a Sunday walk

District girls at the temple

Selfie Sunday

 Sister Magnusson

 My Branch President and his wife

The district with the Branch President

Portland, Oregon bound

I spent many moons and many hours in the classroom

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