Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Thursday, October 17, 2013

First Email From the MTC! YIPPEEE!

IT'S P-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! All of us sisters in the district are very happy to be wearing jeans, to be doing their laundry and to write to our families.

Thanks for all your letters! Dear elders, emails, everything! Man, I wish I could respond to you individually but there is seriously no time. Hardly anytime on this computer.

The MTC is pretty awesome. I didn't know you could feel such a range of emotions in just a 24 hour period! First you're on a spiritual high, then you feel discouraged cuz you are doing such an important work and you are not perfect, then you teach an awesome lesson and feel on top on the world again, then you feel overwhelmed  cuz you’ve got so much to learn, then you feel better cuz your district or your comp says something to you that's nice, then you just feel an overwhelming love for everyone and everything, then you just get so tired you don't feel anything, then you go to some conference or training or something and you start to bawl, and then man....it's just all over.

But anyway, it's pretty great. We seriously are just in class all the time, either study or hearing from a teacher, or practice role playing, or something like that. I like role playing. I learn a lot from that. I am learning that sometimes I have no idea what I'm saying and I just kind of blab. It is so important to be in tune with the spirit. That is your most important companion cuz that's who will tell you what to say. But man, it's hard. And it's hard to instill to your investigators to have a desire on their own. Sis. Dittmar is great. She is way good at talking with investigators. i hope she is my companion in the field someday.

I really like my district. I think I've said that every time. The elders are awesome. They are way mature and they way want to do their best and try to do their best. It's one of the elder's birthday today. We sisters made him a birthday crown and tie. We'll probably give it to him at lunch. The other two sisters in the district and roommates are great too. Some of the elders and sisters in our zone are pretty crazy but I'm grateful that I have been bless with such a great district. I have pics to send but I have to wait till I'm in Oregon to send them cuz the MTC computers are way restrictive and won't let me download.

Oh, I'm on the main MTC campus by the way. There is a west campus and that's the one I think Mur was on.

I really like my teachers at the MTC. They know their stuff. They have taught me so much and I'm reading Preach My Gospel much better now. Remember when I was at home I had a hard time reading it? Well, now I actually have application and such so things jump out at me more and I actually learn stuff instead of reading and thinking well, that's nice to read.
Lisa, when you volunteered at the MTC, were you ever a TRC peep? Those are people that pretend to be investigators from the community. Some are real non-members, some are members, some are less-active, some are converts but you never know. Me and my comp were teaching this way nice Korean lady...probably in her late 20s. She asked some very good questions. She's probably a member but I think a convert. They say they tell converts to ask the same type of things they asked when they were investigating the church.

We are also teaching "Greg". Greg is one of our teachers but when we role play he pretends to be Greg, a friend of his that joined the church a little bit ago. He is hard! Me and sis. Dittmar get frustrated teaching him, but he is way good practice and our teacher that is pretending to be him gives us good feedback.

Yesterday, me and Sis. Dittmar did a little orientation for the new missionaries that came yesterday in our district. We were made Sister Training Leaders on Sunday. I wrote about it in my last letter home. Anyway, it's so weird to see all the new missionaries come in and know that that was us just a week ago!!!!!!!! So me and Sis. Dittmar and our Zone Leaders gave the missionaries a little tour and talked about some of the rules and did a cutie little get to know you gave and after the elders left gave the modesty talk.  Yippee. then we said goodnight to them before lights out.  Sis. Dittmar is great at that sort of thing.

I'm glad I brought my jump rope.

Some days we don't get gym time and since we just sit all day if I do nothin' I go crazy and can't focus. So I just get up early and jump rope right outside the dorm-room and do my wheel.

This is a picture of what Kristine's wheel looks like
 Although this isn't a picture of Kristine, 
this is what she looks like when she does her wheel.
It's great. I'm sure the other sisters love waking up to the tap-tap-tap or sister mag jumping her little heart out.

Today we get to go to the temple.   I'm excited about that. It's the second  time we get to get out from behind these walls.

I think I said this in my last letter, but time passes so weird here and it doesn't even feel like I'm in Provo.

I met a sister in the cafeteria yesterday going to the Arcadia Mission Mandarin speaking. I said she should say hi to my pa for me.

One of my favorite things that we did was on the first night we had like 30 new missionaries in a room and an "investigator" up front and we were all suppose to teach them. That was pretty eye opening and I learned a lot. We did three lessons. The first one I was convinced that the couple we were teaching were real nonmembers. They were so for real. But now I think they are real members but man, they were GOOD actors.

K, times up. Love you guys. I pray for you everynight!


Sister Magnusson

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