Portland, Oregon Temple

Portland, Oregon Temple
Portland, Oregon Temple

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Letter from the MTC


Family!  Hi!

Holy smokes, the missionaries here are busy, busy, BUSY!  I’m writing this in between random classes and such.  My first P-day isn’t till Thursday and that’s when you’ll get my first email.  But man, I’m learning tons!  Our day goes something like this....get up, study, class, study, workshop, study, role play, study, class, study, and then study.  Three meals are fit in there too.  Yesterday (our first full day) we didn’t get gym time.  I was crawling up the walls.  I was very emotionally and spiritually drained.  By bedtime when I was doing our companionship planning for the next day, I couldn’t even think.  We get gym time tonight and I’m way excited.  This morning I went to kick boxing with my comp and that was awesome to start out my day like that.  I was a lot more focused on our first study time.  Our first personal study time made me nervous cuz I could not focus at all!  But then our next study time after breakfast we studied as a district and that was supper effective.  I study much better in groups.  I did in college as well...funny how that works.  Speaking of college, a lot of things that I struggled with in college have come come back to haunt me in the MTC.....

About seven hours later

...Anyways, like I had a hard time focusing on what I was reading in college.  A lot of times if I’m not looking for a specific something in Preach my Gospel or if I’m not trying to answer a question in PMG, I’ll read something and I couldn’t even tell you what I read.  Or if someone from my district is up in front of the class talking about charity or whatever, sometimes I zone out. 

BUT ANYWAYS.......besides that I LOVE IT!  I’ve never been so immersed in the gospel.  It is literally apart of every bit of our day.   Except for sleeping, everything is focusing on missionary work.  Even gym time and eating.  Oh, and I had gym time a few hours ago and it was glorious.  The elders were sure being funny then.  But man, it is great.  It’s like nothing else matters and guess what?  Nothing else does!

I love my companion, Sis Dittmar.  She is 21 years old.  She is from San Antonio, Texas.  She’s a cross between my roommate Paris (in looks and how she speaks) and she also reminds me of the main sister with red hair in Errand of Angels.  She’s great.  She compliments me well.  She is way focused.  She knows the gospel.  She’s down to earth.  She is sincere and genuine.  The people in Oregon will love her. 

I love my district as well!  We are seriously so cool.  Four sisters.  Four elders.  The elders are pretty  mature.  They are way focused too.  They bring good discussion to the table.  We always eat together.  That’s fun.  The two other sisters in our district are awesome. too.  All the sisters are going to Oregon.  The elders are going to Singapore and New York.

Thank you, thank you, thank you mom, Rachel and Lisa for the Dear Elders!  Lisa, you are right about EVERYTHING!  It was so funny to read it to my comp. 

OK, wish I could write more but I probably spent too much on this letter anyway.  We seriously have hardly any time to breathe. 

Love you all!  Love the Mission!  I know I will love being a missionary in Oregon!

ps.  I leave the MTC on Oct. 21

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